We make all of our samples with our production factory partners so you will have a professionally finished samples. 

​We do all production fittings and provide a complete production pattern ready for production. 

​We coordinate computer marking and grading for production

We provide comprehensive quality control to make sure your production looks like your sample.

We have a 20pc minimum requirement for production. 

​Pricing for production is based on the style, finishing,and number of units 

What do you need to bring to your first appointment?


Quick Turn Clothing

Pattern-Making, Sample -Making, Fitting, Grading,Production

265 W 37th Street

Room 304

New York, N.Y. 10018


All of our patterns are custom made IN HOUSE to each designer specifications. We are experienced in fitting all size ranges 

                                                              from Petite, Missy, and Plus size

We work with ALL fabrics that can be cut and sewn. We also are experts in Leather manufacturing and can work with all skins.     

If you have an idea for a product or a collection, we need to have some information to begin working;

1. A sketch OR a magazine picture of your idea

2. The swatch of fabric that you will use to make your sample

3. The specs of your fit model

​            we do not recommend working on yourself for fit. If you do not have a fit model we        can provide one to you

​4. A piece of clothing that is similar to your design, and fits the way that you like. We will modify to your design

5. A piece of clothing that has the inside finishing/construction that you want

​            we will provide the technical expertise to guide you on the best way to finish each style so it is professional